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        1. Welcome to Chongqing Eatge Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., we will be dedicated to serve you!







          Chongqing Eatge Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a enterprise combined with the design, manufacture pharmaceutical machinery and chemical equipment, headquartered in the city of Chongqing Taojia Industrial Park. The institute has a professional team of senior engineers, experts in medicine machine, automation and control engineers which is dedicated to develop high-performance, high-quality, meet the GMP requirements of the drug machine for the Chinese pharmaceutical companies research. Company's main products are: powder systems (transportation, weighing, packaging), solid preparation (drying, granulation, coating, pellets) and other equipment. As a S&T Enterprise of providing solid dosage as granulation and drying equipment and engaging in processing technology and engineering design, development, promotion and application, company can meet customer demand for more comprehensive sales, import and export, basic design, detailed design, installation, commissioning, after-sales service and support the diverse needs of local procurement. More




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